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Planning Application: 2023/93291

Meeting: 01/02/2024 - Planning Sub-Committee (Huddersfield Area) (Item 8)

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Application for the erection of single storey extension and raised terrace at 18 Saint Francis Gardens, Fixby, Huddersfield.


Contact: Laura Yeadon, Planning Services




The Committee considered Application 2023/93291 in respect of the erection of a single storey extension and raised terrace at 18 Saint Francis Gardens, Fixby, Huddersfield.


Under the provisions of Council Procedure Rule 36(3) the Committee received a representation from Councillor Zarina Amin.


Under the provisions of Council Procedure Rule 37, the Committee received representations from Sabeen Akhtar and Shan Munir (in objection), and Jetinder Uppal and Alison Dumville (on behalf of the applicant).


Resolved –


That approval of the application and issue of the decision notice be delegated to the Head of Planning and Development, in orderto completethelistofconditions, including those contained within the report, as set out below, subject to the amendment of the wording of Condition 2 to require retention of the obscuration of the glazing, as film had been affixed:


1. Development to be completed in accordance with the approved Plans and Specifications.


Requirement: The development hereby permitted shall be carried out in complete accordance with the plans and specifications schedule listed in this decision notice,except as may be specified in the conditionsattached to this permission, which shall in all cases take precedence.


2. Obscuration of the clear glazing within the southern, south-eastern and eastern elevations.


Requirement: Within one month of the date of this permission, all clear glazing within the eastern, south-eastern and southern elevations shall be either, fitted with obscure glazing and / or a permanently affixed film, which achieves a minimum privacy rating Grade 4. The obscure glazing and / or permanently affixed film shall be at a height of 1.7m when measured from the finished floor levelinthelocationsdetaileduponsubmitteddrawingref05RevAandretained thereafter in accordance with these requirements.


A recorded vote was taken in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 42(5) as follows:

For: Councillors Bellamy, Eric Firth, Jo Lawson, Lee-Richards, Marchington, McGrath, Safdar, Sokhal and Ullah (9 votes)

Against: (no votes)