Agenda and minutes

Kirklees Schools Forum - Friday 24th June 2022 10.00 am

Venue: Textile Centre of Excellence, Red Doles Lane, Huddersfield, HD2 1YE

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Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from


·         Andrew Fell – North Huddersfield Trust School

·         David Wadsworth – Shelley College (Share MAT)

·         Rebecca Smith – Ethos MAT

·         Todd Cheetham – Joseph Norton Academy

·         Ian Rimmer – King James’s School

·         Darren Christian – Salendine Nook High School

·         Julia Arechiga – Kirklees College

·         Hazel Danson – NEU

·         Mel Meggs – Director for Children’s Services

·         Eamon Croston – Service Director - Finance

·         Tom Brailsford – Service Director – Resources, Improvement & Partnerships

·         Martin Wilby – Head of Education, Places & Access



Minutes of the Schools Forum meeting held on 4th March 2022 pdf icon PDF 456 KB


The minutes of the above meeting were agreed as correct.



Education Learning Partnership Board (standing item)


Kirklees Education & Learning Partnership Board


Members were informed that the Kirklees Education & Learning Partnership Board had met on 8 June 2022. Natalie McSheffrey updated the meeting.


·         Chris Jessup provided an update on Kirklees Futures.

·         Government White and Green Papers were discussed including the ELPB response to the SEND Green Paper consultation. The deadline for the consultation is 21 July 2022. There will be a coordinated response from the ELPB but everyone is encouraged to do their own responses.

·         The ELPB Terms of Reference and Operating Model will be reviewed as part of governance. There will be a review of representation as there are gaps. The remit of subgroups and committees will be reviewed as well as priorities for the start of the next academic year.


Chris Jessup updated the meeting on the Learning Summit which took place on Thursday 23 June 2022.


·         This was a great opportunity to discuss Kirklees Futures key messages.

·         This was also a good opportunity to network.

·         The ELPB will confirm the Action Plan in July and this can then be shared.


It was noted that the Learning Summit was a great event with good attendance and excellent speakers. It was good to have wider representation at the event. We now need to continue on with the momentum we have started.


Forum members were thanked for their attendance



DSG Outturn Summary pdf icon PDF 485 KB


The Schools Forum - 24 June 2022 - DSG Schools Excess & Deficit Balances Review 2021/2022 document had been circulated before the meeting.


David Baxter and the Chair updated the meeting and summarised the paper including the areas below.

·         Introduction – As reported to School Forum on 29th April 2022, the balances held by Maintained Schools as at 31st March totalled £15.5millon, which despite academisation of six schools during 2021/2022 currently represents an overall increase of £1.9million in balances from 2020/2021.

·         Excess Balances

·         Schools with deficit balances

·         Next Steps


Q. Do we need a Schools Forum Subgroup to review excess balances in detail?

A. Yes we do.


Q. Have we completed the review process of excess balances for this year?

A. Not yet as all responses from schools have not yet been received.


ACTION: The Chair/DB to schedule a meeting of a subgroup including the Chair, Louise Brown, Paul Evans and a TU Representative. The subgroup will perform a detailed review of excess balances.


It was noted that the Finance Team are currently working with individual schools with deficits. This is the current priority for the finance team.



Safety Valve Update pdf icon PDF 360 KB

Additional documents:


Mel Meggs and Eamonn Croston updated the meeting and slides were shared on screen.


·         Introduction / Context

-       We will receive £33.5m to help address the historic high needs deficit.

-       We have placed a submission for additional capital

-       We hope to be in a balanced position over a 5 year period.

-       The transformation plan includes financial targets


Q. How much was the deficit?

A. The deficit was approximately £34m. The £33.5m will clear the debt.


·         What does this mean?

-       Trajectories have been developed based on trends.

-       Workstreams focus on additional capacity within Kirklees (ARP, New Special Schools) whilst educating children in an appropriate setting to suit the children’s needs.

-       We are developing an Inclusion Support offer, Graduated Approach and skills / knowledge of staff.

-       Outcome of trajectories – 2026/27 High Needs will Break Even.

-       To achieve Break Even, the DfE were explicit about contributions from schools (as part of block transfer) and council.

-       The council will contribute £23m through reserves and division of general fund base budget.

-       Schools Forum have previously agreed 0.5% / £1.6m per annum transfer for 2022/23. As part of this agreement investment back into the system will take place starting with ARP and Satellite Special Schools.

-       The Safety Valve agreement is based on financial position and assumptions. There is a strong recommendation from the DfE that the block transfer is increased as follows;

       2022/23 – £1.6m

       2023/24 – additional £0.5m

       2024/25 – additional £0.5m


It was noted that we have received a significant amount of £33.5m from the DfE and the government are expecting contributions to be made from schools.


Quarterly monitoring will be in place to support the drip feed of funding from the government over the next 5 years.


·         Next Steps

-       We received £13.5m from the government in March 2022. The balance will be paid annually in equal instalments to 2026/27.

-       The payments will be performance based.

-       Further clarification to be sought on the need for future consultation with Schools Forum.

-       Quarterly Monitoring to DfE. This will be shared with Schools Forum.

-       Cabinet report of Safety Valve and related sufficiency capital expenditure.


·         Capital / Investment

-       Significant Capital Investment

-       2 Special Schools creating 100+ places to enable our children to be educated locally.

-       Kirklees will borrow £28m.

-       Invest in new Additional Resources Provision / Special School Satellite (114 places phase 1) and where necessary develop capacity within existing schools.

-       Updates on status of Capital submission as soon as we know.


Q. How much additional capacity will be taken up by students returning from out of area provision and are we really creating more capacity?

A. It will be a mix. Returning students will take up some of the additional capacity. The Satellite Provision will be for existing mainstream students in the main. We want an inclusive model in Kirklees. Going forward, we would not want children to be placed out of areas unless the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Any Other Business

·         Thank you & Goodbyes

·         Martin Vayro – Crow Lane Primary & FS School

·         Karen Colligan – All Saints Catholic College

·         Paul Davies – Governor Representative


·         Catherine Jubb retiring begin process for primary academy representative.




Thank you & Goodbyes


Schools forum would like to thank all members for their contributions this year but would like to formally thank the following members who have stepped down this year.

·         Martin Vayro – Crow Lane Primary & FS School

·         Karen Colligan – All Saints Catholic College

·         Paul Davies – Governor Representative


Catherine Jubbs – Head teacher Lindley Junior School is retiring this summer and has been a valued member of Schools Forum for many years. The members of forum thank Catherine for her commitment and dedication to Schools forum and for all she has done on behalf of Children & Young People in Kirklees. Members wish Catherine and very long and happy retirement.



Dates and Times of Next Meetings

·         Friday 16 September 2022 – Briefing

·         Friday 23 September 2022 - Reserve

·         Friday 14 October 2022 – Briefing & Public

·         Friday 11 November 2022 – Briefing

·         Friday 25 November 2022 – Briefing & Public

·         Friday 09 December 2022 - Reserve


·         Friday 14 October 2022 – Public

·         Friday 25 November 2022 –Public


The Chair thanked everyone for attending the meeting.