Agenda and minutes

Dewsbury Town Board - Thursday 4th November 2021 5.30 pm

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Membership of Dewsbury Town Deal Board

To receive apologies for absence from Board Members who are unable to attend this meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from Martin Hathaway and Charles Smith.  Councillor Cathy Scott substituted for Councillor Shabir Pandor.


Declaration of Interests

Members will be asked to advise if there are any items on the Agenda in which they have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest, which would prevent them from participating in any discussion on the item of participating in a vote upon the item, or any other interests.


No interests were declared.  The register of Board Members is reviewed annually by Kirklees Council.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 328 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 2 September 2021.


The minutes of the meeting of the Board held on 2 September 2021 were agreed as a correct record.


Chairs Update

Keith Ramsay – Chair of Board


The Chair welcomed Fara Butt, Sue Baker, James Corr and Adrian Smith to the meeting as observers.


The Chair updated Board members on a virtual meeting that had taken place with John Godfrey, Corporate Affairs Director at LMG Group and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) via a Teams call.  The meeting with DLUHC was an opportunity to meet with a lead consultant who supported town boards and other Chairs of town deals.


It was noted that the Chair would like to nominate further Board members to reflect the community and diversity of Dewsbury and add value to the town deal.  It was noted that the board would become and remain strategic, with any detail work on certain initiatives being completed within subgroups.


The Chair thanked Bruce Bird for taking the lead on the Christmas lights in Dewsbury and thanked Palvinder Singh for his generous offer of arranging working group on youth engagement.


The Chair referred to a previous meeting that suggested a change to the Terms of Reference.  This would be reviewed in 2022.




·         That the Chairs update be noted.



Project Update - Fibre pdf icon PDF 605 KB

Officer – Carl Tinson – Project Manager, Economy and Infrastructure


The Board received an update on the Fibre Ducting Project.  Carl Tinson, Project Officer, Economy and Infrastructure explained that fibre was a hugely influential factor for purchasing homes and setting up businesses. Fibre optic broadband was the best broadband which provided 1000 megabits in comparison to 30 megabits in recent years.


The Board was informed that adding fibre ducting in the ground within Dewsbury would make all areas fibre ready for the Dewsbury Town Deal projects.


A discussion took place around the completion date of the ducting and the areas fibre would serve. It was noted that phase one of the ducting would be completed by the end of the financial year, with phase two being completed in 2022-23.  Town deal funding had defined areas for fibre and it was agreed that the map and plan would be circulated to Board Members.




·         That the Board note the update on Fibre Ducting,

·         That the map and plan be circulated to Board Members.


Dewsbury Bus Station

Officer – Kit Bennett – Project Officer, West Yorkshire Combined Authority


The Board received a late update from Kit Burnett, Project Officer, West Yorkshire Combined Authority on the provisional results of the public consultation of Dewsbury which was a discussion item only.




  • That the update on the public consultation and next steps be noted.



Kirklees Culture Update

Officer – Kath Wynne-Hague, Head of Culture & Tourism


The Board was updated on Kirklees Culture.  Kath Wynne-Hague, Head of Culture and Tourism advised on projects that had been arranged through Kirklees, such as “year on music” and “woven”.  Kath requested the Boards views on producing a cultural strategy for 3 – 5 years and to pilot in Dewsbury.


A discussion took place around resources, the type of events that Dewsbury wanted, how businesses could work together and be united as a district. It was requested that all cultures, communities and industries were taken into consideration to deliver a strategy which was inclusive.


It was noted that workshops would be arranged and welcomed support and advice from Board members.  All Board members in attendance agreed for their email address to be forwarded to Kath Wynne-Hague.




·         That the update on Kirklees Culture be noted,

·         That email addresses of Board members who attended the board meeting be forward to Kath Wynne-Hague.


Communication & Marketing Strategy Update pdf icon PDF 108 KB

Keith Ramsay – Chair of Board

Additional documents:


The Chair advised that earlier in 2021 the Town Deal Board had considered a draft Communication and Marketing Strategy. Communication & Marketing was crucial to any organisation developing a strategy. Kelly Holdaway, Communications Business Partner (Growth & Regeneration) had advised of 4 key messages for town centres in Kirklees which had been circulated to Board Members for comment.


A discussion took place around brands, logos and social media. It was noted that the best way to communicate was digitally, with a need to look at current platforms and the audiences to be targeted.


The Chair advised the board that they should be clear on the messages they want to get out and how they engaged with organisations and public.  It was noted that the Chair would speak with Board Members outside of the Board meeting to populate a Communication and Marketing Strategy which would be considered at the December Board meeting.





·         That the Chair would consult with Board Members on the Communication and Marketing strategy,

·         That an update on the Communication & Marketing Strategy be added to the agenda for 2nd December 21.





Officer – Michelle Illingworth, ER Project Officer, Investment and Regenerations Services


The Chair advised the Board that Teams had been set up to enable the Board to communicate and pass comments between board meetings.




·         That Teams set up be noted.


Board Member Issues

Keith Ramsay – Chair of Board


The Chair advised the Board of two curriculum vitae’s that had been circulated and asked Board Members for comment and approval. All Board Members agreed to appoint Fara Butt and Sue Baker to the Dewsbury Town Board.




·         That Fara Butt and Sue Baker be appointed as Board Members to the Dewsbury Town Board.



Martin Walsh – Town Park

Martin Walsh – Arcade

Martin Hathaway – Meeting dates and times


Please notify the Chair of any other business items by Wednesday 3rd November 2021


Town Park – The Board was advised of intentions to demolish a building that was approximately 40 years old as part of the Town Park project.  It was felt that there was a good opportunity for the building to be repurposed and used for culture or as a centre stage for the park.  It was noted that the suggestion be considered and a public consultation on the Town Park would take place which would highlight what the people of Dewsbury wanted and would also be part of the business case.




·         That the building to be demolished be considered as part of the public consultation and business case.



Arcade- The Board was advised that the waste generated from the Arcade was put in black bin bags at each end of the Arcade. It was suggested that an allocated area on the ground floor be allocated for the storage of waste. It was noted that a planning application had been submitted and was awaiting comment on waste disposal.  Once received the Board would be informed.




·         That the concerns on waste disposal be considered,

·         That the Board be updated on waste disposal from the planning application outcome.



Qatar/Rolls Royce – The Board was informed of a possible opportunity as Qatar was investing with Rolls Royce in a completely new industrial & academic development park in the North of England. It was noted that the site would be heavily controlled by Central Government who would look at sites in the North.



·         That the information be noted by Board Members.


West Yorkshire Combined Authority Cycle -  The Board was updated on a consultation for sustainable travel that had taken place by West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) which included cycle tracks. It was noted that the proposal from WYCA was disjointed to proposals from Dewsbury Town Board.  David Shepherd, Strategic Director, Growth & Regeneration advised that all teams came under the same directory and were working together. David was happy to discuss further.



·         That the Board note the comments on sustainable travel.


Times & Dates for Board Meetings – A discussion took place regarding the times and dates of Dewsbury Town Board meetings.  It was raised that some Board Members preferred meetings within office working hours whilst other Board Members preference was evening meetings due to other commitments.  It was noted that the Terms of Reference stated that for the meeting to be quorate one member representing the accountable body was to be present.  The Chair advised that he would consult with Michelle Illingworth and the Governance team to make a decision on the best time and day and would advise the Board.



·         That the suggestion of time and dates be noted,

·         That the Chair advises the Board of times and dates at a future meeting.






Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 17:30

Location: To be advised




The next meeting will take place on Thursday 2nd December 2021 at 5:30pm.


For Terms of Reference please visit