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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet is the executive decision-making body of the Council. The Council has appointed a Leader who is responsible for Cabinet, the executive decision making body of the council. The Leader has appointed Cabinet members, who have responsibility for work on a particular portfolio area and lead on policy development. The cabinet takes decisions collectively in public and cabinet members are jointly accountable for its decisions.


The Cabinet Members and their Portfolios are:


Shabir Pandor – Leader of the Council and holder of the Leaders Cabinet Portfolio


Cathy Scott – Deputy Leader and Cabinet member for Housing and Democracy


Carole Pattison – Learning, Aspiration and Communities


Graham Turner – Regeneration


Viv Kendrick – Children (Statutory responsibility for Children)


Naheed Mather – Environment


Will Simpson – Culture and Greener Kirklees


Musarrat Khan – Health and Social Care


Paul Davies – Corporate


Eric Firth – Transport



For further information of the areas covered within each Portfolio Area please see

Document Cabinet Portfolios 2022-2023 | Kirklees Council