Agenda item

Risk Register and Business Case Update 4:30pm - 5:10pm

To consider updates on the Risk Registers and Business Cases.


Contact: Michelle Illingworth, ER Project Officer


The Board received an update on the Business Cases. Michelle Illingworth, ER Project Officer, informed the Board that all 10 business cases had gone through the Councils assurance process and had now been signed off by the Stage Gate Forum Members and summary documents had been submitted to DLUHC for approval


The Board was advised that the Arcade, Market, Cultural Events (included in the overall Creative Culture Programme), Fibre Capability, Building Revival and Daisy Hill had all now been approved by DLUHC.  It was reported that summary documents have been submitted to DLUHC for Sustainable Transport Modes, Town Park and Creative Hub and Construction Skills Village and are awaiting approval. Project Adjustment Form (PAF) had also been submitted to DLUHC in respect of the Sustainable Transport Modes, and Town Park, which set out adjustments to outputs/outcomes. The Creative Hub project has also had a PAF submitted for the purpose of reporting outputs/outcomes and project spend separately to DLUHC from the Cultural Events project. These will form part of the overall assessment by DLUHC. Updates will be provided to the Board as to the outcome of the assessments of both the summary documents and project adjustment forms.


A high severity risk register had been submitted to the Board which highlighted high level risks associated with the projects. The Chair confirmed these would be updated and submitted as a standing agenda item at future Board meetings along with the business case updates. Questions and comments were invited on the status reports and risk register.


Board Members discussed the importance of the public being able to see action being undertaken on the projects in order to maintain confidence; the impact of inflation on the ability for projects to be delivered; and changes to the market.


With regard to the market, the Chair reported that he had spoken with traders who had welcomed the plans but did not want to decant prior to Christmas 2022. Containers are in place to ensure that all those traders who wish to decant are able to do so.  It was reported that there is ongoing dialogue with traders to ensure they have a clear understanding of the situation. It was acknowledged that there were concerns regarding the delivery of what was originally envisaged within the financial envelope of £15m. Exercises are underway to look at where potential costs could be saved


With regard to the impact of the market project on other developments, Joanne Bartholomew explained that an overarching timeframe for projects would be represented to the Board.


In response to a question relating to the Town Park, seeking clarity with regard to who are classed as key stakeholders, Joanne Bartholomew undertook to provide the list to Board Members for information.


The Board noted that, in respect of Daisy Hill, decisions on demolition would be taken on a case-by-case basis. With regard to possible temporary use it was explained by Joanne Bartholomew that this was not straightforward and particularly difficult around car parking. An undertaking was given to identify those buildings purchased by the Council, along with any associated plans, to a future meeting of the Board.


During discussion of the risk register, Nancy Barrett requested an update on spend for the Cultural Event programme and enquired why the issue was not on the risk register. Michelle Illingworth explained that the original Creative Culture programme that is presented in the Town Investment Plan has now been   split into two projects, that being the Creative Hub and Cultural Events and agreed that the Cultural Events project risks should be included in future updates to the board.


With regard to the Dewsbury Revival Grant Scheme, it was agreed that going forward the title and address of businesses can be included. Joanne Bartholomew explained that when reporting on shop fronts a map can be provided.


In response to a suggestion that unwanted grants could be re-allocated, the Chair commented that any transfer of funds would need permission and to have followed a process.




1)    That the Risk Register and Business Case Updates be noted.

2)    That a report on the revamped Market Project be submitted to the next meeting of the Board.

3)    That in respect of Daisy Hill, a report be submitted to a future Board meeting identify those buildings purchased by the Council, along with any associated plans.

4)    That an update on spend for the Cultural Events Programme be submitted to the November Board meeting.

5)    That the Cultural Events Programme be included separately on future Risk Register reports

6)    That suggestions for how best to present Revival Grant Scheme information be emailed directly to Michelle Illingworth.