Agenda item

Dewsbury Town Investment Plan Project Overview Updates - Risk and Issues Log 4:50pm - 5:50pm

To consider the red risks and issues of the TIP Projects.


Contacts: Michelle Illingworth - ER Project Officer, Peter Thompson – ER Project Manager


The Board received the Dewsbury Town Investment Plan Project overview updates. 


The Board was advised that the risk registers that appeared in the updates would be the approach taken for further updates being brought future meetings.  Included within the updates were key milestone trackers and the aim was to work towards keeping them throughout all the projects.


In relation to Dewsbury Market, the RAG ratings showed some challenges, and it was noted that some substantial changes would need to be made to the original plans.  Ms Bartholomew informed the Board that there was both a cost and programme risk.  The Board was advised that construction inflation was between 10 and 30 percent with fewer construction companies now tendering for work.


Ms Bartholomew explained that it was important to keep the integrity of the scheme, but that further work needed to be undertaken to see what was deliverable within the budget package.  Initially, officers would be looking at the costs, but it was noted that all necessary permissions were being sought now, so that once a deliverable Market was agreed, work could commence without delay.


The Board was advised that the market traders understood the need to compromise on some aspects of the vision, but they were keen that the decant did not take place until such time that the work could commence immediately.


The Board voiced some concerns in relation to the imminent change of leadership in the government, and whether any changes would be made to the funding already allocated.  However, Mr Eastwood (MP) informed the Board that he would continue to work with The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC), to emphasise the need for the investment to remain in place.


Regarding The Arcade, the Board noted that a recruitment exercise was well attended.  Although the update indicated that The Arcade management was a risk it was agreed that the risk was actually around ensuring the continued successful management of The Arcade.


Ms Bartholomew explained that in relation to the Town Park, consultation responses were important from both the public, and Board Members to ensure voices are heard in relation to how the play areas could be used.


The Board discussed the update in relation to the Creative Hub, in which match funding from Brigantia was awaited. £1.68m had been committed by the Town Investment Programme, but it was noted that limited progress had been made to date on the matched funding arrangements.  This was a high-risk project as it was the only one not entirely funded by the Town Fund. 


The Board noted that once Brigantia had secured funding, grant agreements would be signed that required milestones and checks at regular agreed intervals.


The Board was advised that there was also a risk regarding the affordability of the Phase 1 element, The Library.  A full condition survey would need to be carried out to gain an understanding of costs required for the project.  It was noted that an adjoining plot of land to The Library may be available, with a suggestion that match funding might also be an option depending on the proposal.




1)    That the project overview updates be noted.

2)    That further updates be brought to future meetings of the Board