Agenda item

Dewsbury Market 4:40 - 5:00

To receive an update on Dewsbury Market.


Contact: Jaime Nalson, Operational Manger – Venues

               Karen Roche, Markets Manager


The Board welcomed Karen Roche, Markets Manager and Jaime Nalson, Acting Head of Service, to the meeting to give a presentation on the Dewsbury Market.


Karen Roche and Jaime Nalson gave a presentation which highlighted the next steps, as follows –

i.      Review the designs to meet the budget in light of increased financial pressures

ii.    BDP – Designers and Architects will be consulted in the new year to review the options to meet the budget challenge

iii.   This approach was covered under the existing cabinet report, but does delay the construction programme.

iv.   In March officers will be planning to come back with a further update with more details on the revised proposals, costings and timetable

v.    Continue to work closely with the traders to support them through this process


The Board noted that the project was not deliverable within current budgets and that there were issues with the permanency of some market traders.  Board members raised concerns regarding the future of the project and its importance to succeed within timescales.  The Board were informed that they would need to look at the scope of the project, whilst still understanding the commerciality and maintain the key principle of the vision to be market friendly.


Board members fed back on comments received from some market traders and advised on a number of key issues raised –

i.      No incentive for some market traders to return as they do not want to have to buy a parking ticket every 3 hours;

ii.    Muslim women find it difficult to find a prayer room and a suggestion was made to liaise with the local mosque for a solution.


Karen Roche advised the Board that some market traders did trade at different markets as well as Dewsbury.  The Board raised concerns around the ability to attract market traders to trade at Dewsbury for 6 days per week.  The Board was also informed that the police had asked for the market to have a secure perimeter fence to ensure safety of public on an evening due to anti-social behaviour in the area and noted that a security guard and dog has been appointed at an additional cost to the Council.


The Board discussed the following areas in terms of the scope of the project –

·         In relation to leased traders, 6 day trading does not work as traders go to other markets to attract a different audience;

·         Need to integrate the Dewsbury Market with digital offer for traders;

·         Where will the homeless people go who are currently sleeping in the market - market staff regularly report individuals who are homeless and sleeping on the market to Community Safety where there is a dedicated officer who deals with this.

·         Concerns were raised around delivery of the project and pace

·         Want to retain an element of traditional market

·         Security is a big issue

·         Heated areas would encourage people to stay longer


Officers agreed to speak to DLUHC with regard to the principle of moving funding around the various projects.  




1)    The Board thanked the officers for their presentation and update.

2)    That a report be consider at the January meeting on early thoughts from BDP in relation to redesign and scope and what could be delivered within the budget envelope.

3)    That a visit by the Board to Dewsbury Market be arranged to take place prior to the meeting of the Board on 19th January 2023.

4)    That the project timeline be shared with the Board in advance of the January meeting.

5)    That officers speak to DLUHC with regard to the principle of moving funding around the various projects.

6)    That an update be considered in January regarding the prayer room and loading and parking for traders.

7)    That redesign options be circulated to the Board before the next meeting in January.

8)    That a report be considered in March on the revised proposal on construction.