Agenda item

Business Case Update 5:10 - 5:30

To consider updated Project Status Reports.


Contact: Michelle Illingworth, ER Project Officer – Dewsbury Town Investment Plan


Michelle Illingworth gave a presentation which updated the Board on each project, and she confirmed that all the nine projects business cases had now been approved. £7.3m had been received to date and the current overall spend was £3.8m.


The Board heard that it was anticipated the work on the Arcade would begin in October 2023 with completion anticipated by September 2024.  Board Members felt that a visit to the Arcade before the next meeting would be helpful to visualise the proposals. 


In relation to Daisy Hill, the Council had acquired two properties with a further five currently being negotiated.


Ms Illingworth informed the Board that the grant agreement for Field House was still awaited.  The project had been out to tender, and it was hoped the project would commence before the end of November, but this has since been delayed to March 2023 with a completion date of March 2024.


In relation to the Town Park, due to increased costs in the current climate, the Council had been looking at costs savings. It was noted that the Board would need to consider alternative proposals for the Town Park, but it was acknowledged that once the Market project was agreed it would assist in giving some focus to any future proposals for the Town Park. The estimated start date for Town Park was Q4 2024.  The Board noted that there was a delay with receiving funding from the Council along with their grant funding, with just a letter of intent being received to date.


The Board was advised that the Sustainable Transport Modes project was progressing with Bond Street now having a delivery partner ready to proceed with a target start date of March 2023. Regarding Wellington Road, a review was currently being undertaken following a Road Safety Audit and therefore the start date had yet to be confirmed. It was noted that following the Town Board approval to relocate the Kirklees Build to the site at Chidswell, the outline planning applications for the site had now been approved. The first phase of that development was anticipated to begin in Sprint 2024.


The Building Revival Scheme was currently supporting six live schemes with two new enquiries being further progressed. In relation to Fibre Capability, phase one was completed in December 2021, phase two was in delivery along with aspects of phase three.  Phase two was due to be finalised by the end of the financial year.


The Board was informed that as Brigantia was the project manager for the Creative Hub, it would be more appropriate for them to attend a meeting of the Board to discuss their capacity for the project.  Although officers from the Council had supported Brigantia with their business case, it was noted that the Council did not have the resources to take the project forward. The Board shared some concerns in relation to the progress being made on this project and had discussions around the Library being the preferred site, due to the costs involved in bringing the building back to a functioning level. The Board was concerned that Brigantia would be unable to deliver the project and felt that an early discussion with them about the key risks and progress was essential.


Board Members asked that visits were arranged to all projects at an appropriate time.




1)    That Ms Illingworth be thanked for her presentation.

2)    That officers return to the Council’s legal team to request the funding and associated grant funding be released.

3)    That Brigantia be invited to attend the next meeting of the Board.

4)    That a breakdown of the £3.8m spent to date be provided to the Board.

5)    That a visit to the Arcade be arranged prior to the next meeting of the Board.

6)    That visits to the remainder of the projects be arranged.