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Planning Application - Application No: 2021/93006

Conversion of existing barn to form 8 dwellings, erection of 9 dwellings, demolition of redundant agricultural buildings and associated works (Listed Building within a Conservation Area), Yew Tree Farm, The Village, Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield.


Contact: Katie Chew, Planning Services


Ward(s) affected: Kirkburton.


Delegate to the Head of Planning and Development to approve as detailed in

the considered report.


The Committee gave consideration to Planning Application 2021/93006 Conversion of existing barn to form 8 dwellings, erection of 9 dwellings, demolition of redundant agricultural buildings and associated works (Listed Building within a Conservation Area) Yew Tree Farm, The Village, Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield.


Under the provisions of Council Procedure Rule 37, the Committee received representations from Richard Wood, Keith Bellwood and Malcolm Sizer (objectors), and Michael Powell (on behalf of the applicant).




1) That approval of the application and issue of the decision notice be delegated to the Head of Planning and Development in order to:


a) complete the list of conditions, including those contained within the report, as set out below:


1. TCPA Standard 3 Year Time Limit for Commencement.

2. Development in Accordance with Approved Document List.

3. Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation Report.

4. Remediation Strategy.

5. Implementation of Remediation Strategy.

6. Verification Report.

7. Submission of a Construction Environmental Management Plan.

8. Noise Report.

9. Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

10.Detailed Design Scheme detailing Foul Surface Water and Land Drainage.

11.Assessment of the Effects of 1 in 100 Year Storm Events.

12.Temporary Surface Water Drainage.

13.Site shall be developed with separate systems of drainage for foul and surface water on and off site.

14. No piped discharge of surface water from the development should be undertaken prior to the completion of surface water drainage works.

15.Arboricultural Method Statement.

16.Drainage and Surfacing of car parking spaces.

17.Installation of 11 bat boxes to provide a biodiversity net gain.

18.Removal of Permitted Development Rights for extensions, outbuildings, alterations to the roof and boundary treatments.

19.Restrict Access to the south of the site (off of Farnley Road).

20.The existing farmhouse should be recorded prior to demolition to enable external detailing of the new ‘replica’ dwelling (plot 15).

21.Details and design of the garage door for the new ‘replica’ dwelling (plot 15) shall be submitted for approval and should be in timber.

22.The demolition of the farmhouse must not be allowed to proceed unless the larger development goes ahead.

23.Reclaimed natural stone slate roofing in diminishing courses must be specified, with a sample submitted for approval – farmhouse (plot 15).

24.Existing stone taken from the farmhouse shall be reclaimed and re-used where possible. Any replacement stone must match the existing in terms of stone type, tooling, coursing etc. with sample panels provided to show coursing and points, and ashlar stone samples submitted for approval. Tumbled and dyed stone will not be permitted.

25.External material samples for all new build dwellings are to be submitted for approval, including roof slates and ashlar stonework, with sample panel of external walling including pointing and mortar colour. Pitched faced or tooled stone shall be specified rather than tumbled and dyed stone.

26.Window and door details for all new builds shall be submitted for approval (scale 1:5 sections and 1:20 elevations).

27.Landscaping details shall be provided to the Council prior to their use on site, these details should include surface treatments.

28.Implementation of a programme archaeological and architectural recording, in accordance with a written scheme of investigation prior to works commencing on site.

29.Further details of the proposed hard and soft landscaping throughout the site shall be provided prior to occupation of the dwellinghouses. Most specifically details shall be provided in respect of the car parking area to the north of the site.

30.Obscurely glazed windows in the interests of residential amenity – Plot 4 first floor en-suite, Plot 12 first floor en-suite to rear, Plot 11 first floor en[1]suites and bathroom to the front.

31.Remove permitted development rights for the conversions of garages to additional residential accommodation.

32.Maintenance of all planted materials for five years.

33.Details of boundary treatments shall be submitted to the LPA for approval prior to their installation – most specifically relating to the stone wall adjacent to the PROW and timber fencing.

34.Details of temporary arrangements for the management of waste collection points to be submitted and approved by LPA.

35.Phased approach to ensure that all Listed Buildings are repaired/converted before all of the new build dwellings are occupied.


b) secure a Section 106 agreement to cover the following matters


1. Affordable Housing – Two affordable housing units (both to be intermediate/first homes) to be provided in perpetuity.

2. Open Space – £31,289 off-site contribution, and 285sqm on site contribution to the front of the site adjacent to the existing substation.

3. Management – The establishment of a management company for the management and maintenance of any land not within private curtilages or adopted by other parties, and of infrastructure (including surface water drainage until formally adopted by the statutory undertaker).

4. Management agreement for the private road.


2) In the circumstances where the Section 106 agreement has not been completed within three months of the date of the Committee’s resolution then the Head of Planning and Development shall consider whether permission should be refused on the grounds that the proposals are unacceptable in the absence of the mitigation and benefits that would have been secured and, if so, the Head of Planning and Development be authorised to determine the application and impose appropriate reasons for refusal under delegated powers.


A recorded vote was taken, in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 42(5), as follows:


For: Councillors: Davies, E Firth, Pattison, Sokhal and Thompson (5 votes)


Against: Councillors Armer and A Pinnock (2 votes).

Supporting documents: