Agenda item

Project Update 4 :35 - 4:55

Contacts: Simon Taylor, Head of Town Centre Programmes

                Jaime Nalson, Acting Head of Culture and Tourism

                Michelle Illingworth, ER Project Officer – Dewsbury Town  

                Investment Plan.


Kirklees Council officers attended the meeting to update the Board on projects.


In relation to the Cultural events, the Board asked for clarity on the spending of the project and what the process was for allocating the money. Feedback that has been provided was that the events were good, but not well attended due to the lack of publicity, and they also lacked diversity.


In relation to Field House, Peter Mason advised that the project had moved to the next stage with the contractor signing the documents and providing a detailed plan.


The Board discussed Daisy Hill and their understanding of the strategy. It was noted that the strategy was to create an upmarket residential neighbourhood and asked if a 100% affordable housing development was consistent with that overarching strategy. David Shepherd, Strategic Director for Growth and Regeneration advised that the preference was to mix tenures in Daisy Hill.


In relation to the construction skills hub project. The Board asked a question regarding the timings of the project as there was a strong anti Chidswell group that had found otters on the land. Simon Taylor, Head of Town Centre Programmes advised that otters had not been flagged as a risk in the report and the estimated completion time of the project was December 2024. David Shepherd advised that if there were any habitat issues to be addressed on site the council would follow due process.


Simon Taylor advised that the Arcade group share offer prospectus was to be released on 12th October 2023. The Board asked a question regarding the share offer, Peter Thompson confirmed that the project was dependent on the share offer being successful which was at least £100,000.


Michelle Illingworth advised the Board on Youth Voice Champions, Michelle had been invited by Kirklees College to their welcome fare with local college students that had signed up for their programmes, Michelle Illingworth advised that she was there to explain what the Town Board did and what youth voice champions were, and to encourage students to sign up as youth voice representative.


RESOLVED: That officers be thanked for the updates.


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