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Y&H Strategic Migration Group





1. The purpose of the SMG is to provide a strategic leadership, advisory, decision-making and coordination function for migration in the Yorkshire and Humber region.


Core Responsibilities

2. The SMG’s core responsibilities include:


• Facilitating collaboration amongst national, regional and local government, private providers, non-governmental organisations and, regional and local stakeholders to develop a strategic approach to promoting the benefits of migration and minimising any adverse impacts;

• Facilitating strategic debate on migration issues among partners in the Yorkshire and Humber region;

• Monitoring migration impacts and trends, and raising awareness of issues, risks and opportunities within the Yorkshire and Humber region to inform policy;

• Contributing to the development and implementation of local, regional and national migration policy;

• Working with local delivery partners to design and oversee delivery of services that meet migrants needs in the Yorkshire and Humber region;

• Engaging and communicating with national, regional and local stakeholders; and

• Acting as a conduit for information sharing between the Home Office, other government departments and regional partners.


Accountability and Key Relationships

3. The Home Office provides funding for Migration Yorkshire to support SMG in order to cover the wider migration agenda and their impacts on local areas.


4. The activities of the SMG are detailed in the Migration Yorkshire business plan. The business plan is endorsed by the Migration Yorkshire Board and the Home Office.


Working Arrangements


Ways of Working

5. Wherever possible business will be conducted on the basis of consensus. However, should a ballot be required, each member will have one vote.


Chairing Arrangements

6. Meetings will be chaired by the Y&H lead Chief Executive for Migration.



7. The core membership of SMG will be:


• Local Authority representatives (members or officers), one from each Local Authority in the region (15)

• Home Office Representative (1)

• Asylum Accommodation Provider (1)

• Asylum Advice Provider (1)

• Police Representative (1)

• Health Sector Representatives (2)

• Migrant Workers Representatives (2)

• Overseas Students/Higher Education Representative (1)

• Voluntary/Community Sector Representatives (4)


8. Further representation may be sought on an ad hoc basis, either onto SMG itself or onto one of its subgroups. This will allow SMG to respond flexibly to issues that arise.


9. In all cases, members are appointed for a one year term.


Secretariat Support

10. Secretariat and policy support will be provided by the Migration Yorkshire officer team.


Meeting Arrangements

11. The SMG meets a minimum of three times per year.


Sub Groups

12. The work of the SMG will be informed, advised and supported by Sub-Regional Migration Groups (SRMGs), which will tackle migration at a more local level.


13. Migration Yorkshire is responsible for the management of the SRMGs and for ensuring that the SMG is fully and regularly informed of sub group business.


Contact information

Nicola Baylis - Email: Nicola.Baylis@migrationyorkshire.org.uk
cc Jill Greenfield and Jo Richmond (KMC)

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