Outside body

West Yorkshire Adoption Joint Committee (One Adoption)




1) WYAJC brings together the five participating authorities to:-

a) Engage with voluntary adoption agencies in the region;


b) Deliver adopter recruitment, matching, adoption panel and support functions through a regional adoption agency known as One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire;


c) Promote excellent and innovative practice; and d) Ensure value for money. The Delegated Functions


2) WYAJC will discharge the following functions on behalf of the Participating Authorities :-


a) Adoption services including:-

i) Recruitment and approval of potential adopters;

ii) Identification of potential matches between children and adopters;

iii) Provision of adoption panels; and

iv) Provision of adoption support services to adopters, adoptees, birth families and relevant professionals.




3) WYAJC will:-

a) Receive reports in relation to the performance and progress of One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire from both the Head of Service and the Management Board;


b) discuss and agree the strategic direction of One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire, including the setting of stretch targets;


c) oversee the discharge of the Delegated Functions;


d) promote good performance in relation to the Delegated Functions, reflecting added value brought by One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire in outcomes for children and their adoptive families ;


e) monitor the budget allocated to One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire;


f) review value for money achieved by One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire; and


g) exercise the corporate parenting role of the Participating Authorities in relation to the functions of One Adoption Agency for West Yorkshire.




Participating Authorities


a) WYAJC will comprise the following authorities (‘the Participating Authorities’):-

i) City Of Bradford Metropolitan District Council;

ii) Calderdale Council;

iii) The Council of the Borough of Kirklees Council;

iv) Leeds City Council (‘the Host Authority’); and

v) Wakefield City Council.





a)    WYAJC shall comprise one Member from each Participating Authority (‘the Principal Member’).


b)    Co-option of Members onto WYAJC is not permitted.


c)    Each Participating Authority shall have a pool of up to two named substitute Members.  The clerk to WYAJC must be advised before the commencement of the meeting if a substitute is to attend in place of the Principal Member.


d)    In the event of a Principal Member ceasing to be a member of the Participating Authority, he/she shall also cease to be a member of WYAJC and the relevant authority shall appoint another Principal Member in his/her place as soon as reasonably practicable.


e)    Each Participating Authority may remove its Principal Member and or any of those Members named in its pool of Substitute Members and appoint a different Principal Member or additional Substitute Member to the pool by providing 24 hours’ notice to the clerk to WYAJC.

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