Outside body

West Yorkshire One Adoption Panel (Leeds)


Meeting frequency

1 Member place on the Leeds Panel 

Leeds Panel meets on the 2nd Friday of the month.


Time commitment

Panel’s start at 9.30 and can run until 4.30 depending on the agenda, is a large reading commitment for panels with it taking around a day to read the panel paperwork and prepare questions/notes.  There is also one day of panel training a year.


Panel Member requirement

In order for panels to be quorate One Adoption require a level of consistency in regards to attendance so panel members are expected to attend 75% of panels annually. 



New panel members will be required to complete an application form, observe a panel and sign the panel protocol/confidentiality agreements.  All panel paperwork is viewed by ipad which will be issued once applications are processed and training provided.  Panel members receive training on using their ipads ahead of attending panels and can ask questions about how the panel works when they observe the panel as part of their recruitment.  As panel members generally have a link to adoption or children’s services before joining the panel, this is all that is generally needed however if more training is required then it will be provided ‘on the job’.


Training will usually be provided once a year for a full day covering issues around adoption rather than specific training on how to be panel members.                                                                   SRA Annual Allowance of £1227


Contact information

Rhian Beynon Email: rhian.benyon@oneadoptionwy.leeds.gov.uk

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