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Longwood Grammar School Foundation


Purpose of the Charity


The charitable purpose of the Longwood Grammar School Foundation Trust is to promote the education including social and physical education of persons aged 15 to 24 who either (i) have a parent resident in Golcar Longwood or Milnsbridge or (ii) are themselves resident in Golcar Longwood or Milnsbridge.


The trustees are directed to achieve this purpose by either:


(i)                  Awarding scholarships bursaries etc;

(ii)                Giving grants or equipment for education or travel



The Charitable Scheme – Appointment/Membership of Trustees


The charitable scheme dated 9th April 1990 provides that the Trustees should comprise of the following:


(i)                  2 ex officio trustees;

(ii)                1 trustee who is nominated; and

(iii)               4 trustees who are co-opted.


The ex officio trustees are:-


(a)    The Vicar for the time being of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St John the Evangelist, Golcar; and

(b)   The Vicar of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mark, Longwood for the time being


The trustee who is nominated by Kirklees Council.


The only requirement for the trustees who are co-opted is that they must be persons who have special knowledge of Golcar, Longwood and Milnsbridge, whether it be through residence, occupation or employment.


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