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Migration Yorkshire Board





The Migration Yorkshire Board is made up of elected member and senior officer representatives from participating local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber region. It focuses on the issues around the asylum, refugee and migration agenda from a regional local government perspective.



There is one seat allocated to each participating local authority in the Yorkshire and Humber region and participation is determined by contribution to Migration Yorkshire. Representatives must either be an elected member or senior officer with all or part responsibility for the migration agenda. Individual local authorities are responsible for electing their representative.


Chairing Arrangements

The Chair and Deputy Chair are nominated by the contributing local authorities and the term of office for both positions is two years. The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board will also be Chair and Deputy Chair of the SMG. The Chair and Deputy Chair will be in addition to their local authority representative on the Board. In the unlikely event that the Chair is unable to attend a meeting, meetings will be chaired by the Deputy Chair.



The group exists to:

• Oversee the work, and ensure the sustainability of Migration Yorkshire and sign off the annual business plan.

• Advise on the viability of project proposals.

• Enable local authorities to collectively address migration issues at a strategic level.

• Provide strategic oversight of asylum accommodation provision in the Yorkshire and Humber region from a local authority perspective.

• Consider the impact of new migration as it affects specific local authority services and their community leadership role.

• Influence and shape national policy around asylum and migration to make sure it meets the needs of local government in this region and lobby to secure sufficient resources to cover local authorities’ responsibilities.

• Ensure that Government is properly and regularly informed of the implications of asylum policies on local authorities and to make representations accordingly.

• Discuss upcoming SMG agenda items.

• Provide a ‘constituency’ for the Chair who represents the region on the LGA Taskgroup on Asylum and Migration.



The Board will meet a minimum of twice per year and secretariat support will be provided by the Migration Yorkshire team.

Contact information

Nicola Baylis - Email: Nicola.Baylis@migrationyorkshire.org.uk
cc Jill Greenfield and Jo Richmond KMC

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